Hello WORLD,

I was watching an Indian movie one time and a statement was made by an actress. “When a man cooks, it is art. But when a woman cooks it is known to be her duty” she said. The realization of this fact only came to me when I heard this statement and trust me being a Nigerian and an African woman, I am a firsthand witness to cases where I have been told “Nkem cooking is your duty, you don’t need to go and learn anything in any school oo because what your mother knows, she didn’t learn from anyone but her own mum”. But am glad because today we live in a world where change is one constant thing and the internet has been a great of source of growth in my experience in the culinary world.

AND NO, this is not me playing the feminist card here, it’s just me saying that for some ladies cooking is more than entering the kitchen, taking a few ingredients and whooping something out of it and the day is over, with the routine to continue the next day and so on and so forth. For some of us it’s a different ball game entirely. It an art where we get to express ourselves in different colors with fruits, vegetables, grains etc. on a platter.

It is with all pleasure I welcome you to FlairFoodHub, your one stop to all matters food and food related. Being a fan of ‘au natural’ and from a country blessed with lots of natural, rich and healthy food ingredients, fruits, I thought to myself why not share with the rest of the world wholesome healthy foods and ways to be happy and healthy.

Well my answer was here, in this blog.

So here you will be able to find loads of fun including healthy recipes to tantalize your taste buds or treat your family, history of our rich Nigerian food culture. You will also learn new things about health and living healthy or nourishing your body for whatever your goal may be.

So it will be a thing of joy for me as you all join me on this journey of discoveries as we teach and be taught, we learn and you learn too as i encourage your comments, corrections were necessary and even criticism as that is one known catalyst for growth!!!

Thank you for reading and visiting, and helping build a simpler world focused on what’s truly important and relevant.