It’s the second half of the year, we begin a new month, and a new week in the seventh month of the year. So yes, taking a moment out of your day to reflect on the past six months of your life would not be a bad idea. In fact it’s a healthy decision to make as you get to reflect on the past, count your blessings, see failures, and ask yourself questions. Questions like: the goals i set at the beginning of the year, how many have I achieved? How many did I not achieve? what did I do wrong? What have i done right? how did i get to this point?

If one can succesfully go through these questions and answer them honestly, then trust me the remaining half of the year would be way more productive for you.

FOR those of us who didn’t set goals at all, it’s another time to do so. I mean you, sir/ma, do not want to live through the next six month as livid as the last six months, because the world is on its own a fast lane and nobody is waiting for anybody, but everybody is on the move to become better in their own world, so everybody has to be on the move to be somebody.

The goals are kind of hard to keep up with, but with constant reminder by oneself of what it is you stand to gain by working on them, you will be surely be moved to keep up.

So dear friends, it’s a new week and a new month, the seventh month in the year and a MONDAY. So happy half new year, Just get up and do whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do!!!

Ps: this is a note to myself but I kind of feel somebody might also need to see this, so I’m sharing. Therefore, let’s regroup and comeback at the end of the year with the final report card to check our grades.

Not a certified chef but with my endless quest for new things and all things food related , join me as i walk you my journey in the culinary world!!!


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